Signing in with Apple ID

Native Invoice uses the extra secure Apple iCloud account to handle data traffic by signing in to your iCloud account.

If you don’t want to use your existing Apple ID because more people use the program or just want to manage it separatedly, you can create a new Apple account for free on the Manage your Apple ID website.

In Native Invoice, you can sign in with any Apple ID, you don’t have to use what you are signed into on your device.

Signing in for a short time

If you perform a quick fingerprint or other authentication on your device, you will remain signed in for about half an hour. This is a good choice if you use Native Invoice a bit more rarely.

Signing in for a longer period of time

  1. Two-factor authentication is required for your Apple ID account. Manage your Apple ID.

  2. At sign in, select the Stay signed in option.

    If the stay signed in option doesn’t appear, choose the sign in with another account option, and ented the Apple ID email and password you want to use for Native Invoice.

  3. Enter the vertification code you recieved from Apple.

If you do not use Native Invoice at all for two weeks, you will need to sign in again.